Art Services

Tam O'Neill Fine Arts offers a full range of art services including custom framing, appraisal, and conservation.  We also buy prints, either individually or collections.

Throughout the catalog pages we've made suggestions for framing combinations that we like.  We have many years experience in designing beautiful  frames that will preserve your collection and look great in your home.  If you would like for us to frame your prints before sending them, simply purchase them and choose the custom shipping option.  We will contact you to arrange all the details and collect the balance for framing and shipping off line.  Let us know your preferred method of contact and we will call or email you right away.  In many cases if you are choosing one of our selected framing designs we can get it packed and ready to go within a day or two.  A custom framing solution may take longer so if you are framing for a gift or special occasion please let us know.  

You can see other examples of our work at our frame shop website

If you need a formal appraisal of one print or a collection, we can help.  For a variety of reasons including insurance, estate, divorce, or charitable contribution we will assess the value of your piece relative to the market, factor it's condition and provide you with the proper written documentation.  Call us for a quotation. 

If you have artwork that you are interested in selling, and it is a good fit for our inventory we may be able to help with either a consignment or outright purchase.  Send us the details, (photos, dimensions, and condition description) and we will respond promptly. 

We work with a number of conservation experts who are specialists in paper conservation, painting restoration, and frame gilding.  We will make sure your piece recieves the proper attention it needs to look it's best, and last for the next generation.