Holiday Gift Ideas!


  Ten Great Holiday Gift Ideas



 1.  Gifts for gardeners, botanical prints bring the outdoors in and will surely last longer than last summer's geraniums.  Check out our selection of Rebecca Hey "Spirit of the Woods" these lovely pieces have exceptional color, are framed and ready to wrap, just $195 each

2.  Gifts for the outdoorsy person on your list, we have a great collection of prints for the outdoorsman or woman on your list.  We have great examples by Frederic Remington and A.B. Frost of Fishing, Hiking, and more.

Arbuckles3.  State trading card maps!  Arbuckles state trading card maps show great pride of place, wonderful graphics and other cool demographics from the 19th century.  We've got a selection from nearly all fifty states. Frame up a few to illlustrate your family's story.  Perfect size and price for giving, $55 to $75 each.


4. An apple for the teacher.  A bright red apple published by the Department of Agriculture will make the perfect gift for your favorite educator.

5. University of Colorado alums will be delighted by Herds of Bison by Karl Bodmer, Grahams Magazine edition or the full folio version.  Ask us if we can locate a special request for a college team mascot in print.

 6.  Pet owners will appreciate portraits of all kinds of dogs by Edwin Landseer, including portraits of West Highland terrier, King Charles spaniel, bulldog, Irish setter, spaniel, Labrador, dachshund and others.  (We've also got a few portraits of cats but those are harder to find.)

7.  Those of Scottish descent will appreciate a striking Karl Blossfeldt portrait of a thistle. 

8.  Skiers!  We live in Colorado so excuse our enthusiasm for winter sports.  We've also got prints of snowshoeing.  browse here.. and here...

9.  For the equestrian, we have some really lovely English mezzotints of famous horses by Thomas Spencer.

There...we just saved you a trip to the mall.  Now stay home with the kiddos and have some eggnog!