Posted: 6/27/2013

DETROIT STREET DETOUR, at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival!

Detroit Street Detour, at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival






DETROIT STREET DETOUR at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival
July 5th, 6th, 7th 2013, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Outdoors, 300 block of Detroit Street.
Free and open to the public.

The Cherry Creek North neighborhood has hosted the well attended and well loved Cherry Creek Arts Festival since 1991. In the past, the quarter block north of Third Avenue on Detroit Street in Cherry Creek North has not been included geographically in the Arts Fest activities.

This year however, thanks to some planning by local business's and the very generous offer of Terry Adams, CEO of the Cherry Creek Art Festival, the footprint of the famed art fest in Cherry Creek has been expanded a bit this year to include the tree lined spot just north of Third Avenue on Detroit Street. Several arts related shops are located there (including the Artisan Center, Cherry Creek Custom Framing, Tam O'Neill Fine Arts, Young Colors, Fascination Street Fine Art, and Vinue wine bar) and have pooled resources and ideas and plan to welcome festival goers to the first ever, DETROIT STREET DETOUR on the 300 block of Detroit Street.

The spot on north Detroit Street will offer a shady respite to attendees, offering arrangements of patio furniture to create a casual outdoor art lounge under the trees. Artamation Design Group is creating an onsite sculpture installation to anchor the space. As yet, it is untitled, but will be something of a cross between Dr. Seuss meets Henri Matisse: wrapping a large crabapple tree with colorful bands of fabric and adorning it with cut out paper birds.
There will be sidewalk chalk and painting activities for kids. Adults will have fun with a
"Cherry Creek Gothic" photo booth. Seven Dancers from Cherry Creek Dance will present their troupe, 7Dancers on Sunday afternoon, while artists working under two display tents will chat about their creative process and give tips on painting to inform and inspire all three days of the festival. Leon Loughridge will be demonstrating wood block printing techniques as well on Friday and Sunday afternoons. Participating artists (so far) include: Jean Cole, Jim Beckner, Bruce Gomez, Stephanie Hartshorn, Leon Loughridge, Clyde Steadman, Elsa Sroka, Jean Shom, Martha Pinkard-Williams, Tracy Wall, and Kevin Weckbaugh.

Call or email for artist's schedule or more information.