Client Praise


Received the Spoonbill on Tuesday. Excellent job on the packaging.


Neil N.
via email June 18, 2016

"we love them" 










Tam, these pieces are so elegant in our dining room!  We love them.

C.T.,  Franklin, TN 
via email, May 14, 2016 

"looks great!" 


The map arrived.  Looks great!  The frame and mat are
quite nice as well.  We are quite pleased and glad we chose
to purchase it.  

Mike O.

via email Oct. 28, 2015 

"Great addition to my collection" 

Hi Tam,

Got the prints, and they are wonderful!

Love the color and condition.  

A great addition to my collection.  Thank you, 

Marjorie R.

via email Oct. 5, 2015 

"Print is great!" 

Thanks Tam!
Print is great!


via email, Sept. 2, 2014 

"Wonderful customer service" 

Hello Tam,

The lithographs arrived safe & sound. They are beautiful, I can't wait to get them hung.

That was some awesome packaging!  May be interested in a few more.

Many thanks for your wonderful customer service, such a rarity today.

Janice G.
via email May 10, 2014 

"First class, locally owned antique print and map gallery"

"I've been going to Tam O'Neill Fine Arts for maybe 15 years.  It's definitely the best antique print gallery in the Denver are and compares well to galleries in the biggest cities.  I'm particularly interested in her old maps of Colorado, though maps are just a small part of what they show here.  There's a fabulous selection of old prints of all types includling Audubon and tons of great botanicals.  It's great to be able to patronize a truly local business with an owner who is from Denver and lives in the neighborhood. Tam is extremely knowledgeable about what she carries and it's always interesting to stop in and chat even when I'm not looking to buy anything. And this is easy to do as she has free parking."
TripAdvisor, Psyclin, July 2013

 July 18, 2013

Hi Tam-I received the quail picture yesterday in perfect condition and it does look great.  My husband quietly exclaimed "wow" when I showed it to him.  Thank you very much!

Elaine C., Michigan.



Package arrived today in fine shape. I unwrapped and am very pleased. 
Appreciate the info you mounted on the backs, and for the card.
Many Thanks, Vic

Tam O'Neill Fine Arts excels in every way. I have bought beautiful prints there, confident in their authenticity, their quality, and the fairness of their price. I take all my framing to them. They have an eye for what fits the style and feel of the art and I love it even more after they have framed it. I've also had the gallery do conservation work; the repairs have been appropriate and flawless. The gallery is also fun to just visit-to look at fine art prints, to see what's new and to learn. Tam O'Neill Fine Arts is a real gem. -Carol Cochran, Denver.


In addition to the best selection of Audubon prints you'll find one of the few surviving full service frame shops in Denver, A true Cherry Creek North institution and worth a visit every time in the area.      -Joseph S. CityVoter.


Dear Tam,
The Audubon print looks fabulous in my living room. It could not be better. I can't thank you enough for helping me choose such a wonderful piece. You're the best. Fondly, Patty S.


Dear Tam,                                                                                          February 11, 2008
Your conservation work in the mid 1990s for us we thought merely focused on providing UV plexiglass for the Audubon prints in our collection.  Happily, we found that your efforts extended to placing 100% cotton/acid free museum grade buffers between our acid laden mats and the print.  We were not so lucky on those prints where the the original glass to UV plexi replacement was provided by [another  high end gallery ] shortly before your services were retained to complete the exhcange on the remaining prints.

We were really pleased when the prints under the Tam O'Neill lable were disassembled to check the conditon of the print/paper/mat composition.  All were very well conserved and did not require us to change any of the materials.  Thanks for the cost saved; but more importantly for the leadership demonstrated to insure the very best mateials at that time wre deployed for the preservation of our "children".  We appreciate this service.

CB and BB
Newport, RI