Ein Monitari Indianer

Price: $950.00

ARTIST  after Karl Bodmer

AUTHOR   Heinrich Rudolf Schinz

FROM    Naturgeschichte und Abbildungen des Menschen...

CONDITION    Hand colored lithograph
                      Sheet size:  11 x 8  inches.  Nicely framed.

DATE 1835-45 Zurich

Prince Maxmilian's expedition to America with artist Karl Bodmer in 1832-34 resulted in a hugely important first hand documentation of Plains Indian culture.  Maxmilian shared the Bodmer watercolor sketches with his friend and colleague, Swiss anthropologist Heinrich Schinz soon after they returned to Europe.  In fact, the very first appearance of Bodmer's Indian subjects in print is in the earliest volumes of Schinz's Natural History of Man.  These scarce and important portraits established Bodmer as a painter of Native American Indian subjects.   
Ein Monitari Indianer, Pehriskaruhpa



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