Femelle de la Perruche a` front jaune

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ARTIST      Jacques Barraband
AUTHOR    Francois Levaillant

Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets

CONDITION    Engraving, printed ala poupee, and colored additionally by hand.
                       Sheet size:  17.75 x 11.5 inches. 

DATE 1801 - 1805 Paris

"After he made himself Emperor, it was part of Napoleon's deliberate policy to initiate a seires of magnificent publications that would vie with those undertaken to the orders of Louis XIV.  These were sent as presents to crowned heads, men of science, and learned bodies, in evidence of the splendors of the Empire.  In this manner many glorious works came into being.  The works of Levaillant owe their sumptuous character to the same impetus.  The Historie Naturelle des Perroquets in unwittingly a part of the glories of Napoleonic France."  (Fine Bird Books)