Red Bird

Price: $500.00

TRIBE   Winnebago

FROM   History of the Indian Tribes of North America,
             octavo edition.

CONDITION    Lithograph with original hand color.
                       Sheet size:  10 x 6 inches. 

DATE 1848


Mckenney and hall's hand colored lithographs remain some of the most beautiful records of Native Americans ever produced in the nineteenth century.  Oil paintings were done as formal studio portrait of tribal leaders and members of their parties who came to Washington DC to sign treaties.  Thomas McKenney was the head of the Department of War, and oversaw the growing collection of portraits.  His expenditures on the portrait gallery were not looked upon favorably in Washington, and he eventually lost his appointment.  His next endeavor was to have the series of oil portraits published in folio form as hand colored lithographs, available by subscription.  Most of the original paintings were burned in a tragic fire at the Smithsonian in 1865, so these lithographs have become an important historic record of tribal leaders.     


Suggested Framing: - Mahogany with gold lip, tan rag mat with gold line:  additional $150