Sharp billed Toucan

Price: $3500.00


ARTIST Elizabeth Gould
FROM    Monograph of the Ramphastidae or Family of Toucans

CONDITION    Hand colored lithographs
                      Sheet size:  21 x 14.5  inches.
                      Some toning to the margins from old mat. 

DATE  London 1833-35, first edition

This Gordon Sauer states in his biography of John Gould, "....Gould was not only an ornithologist; he was also a brilliant artist and highly skilled publisher.  Over a period of fifty years he brought these energies together, dominated the field of ornithological discovery and produced folio works of unrivaled beauty and scholarship."  John Gould's wife Elizabeth is credited for 24 of the 34 plates in the first edition of Gould's Toucans. 



Suggested Framing: - Louis16 gold frame with bead, French lined mat:  $510






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