A Fat Holderness Ox

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FROM A Description of the Different Varieties of Oxen...
TITLE A Fat Holderness Ox
CONDITION Copper plate etchings. Black and white as issued.
                   Sheet size: 13.25 x 19.5 inches. Scarce.
DATE London 1800
The full title of this work on the breeds of English cattle and oxen is: A Description of the Different Varieties of Oxen, Common in the British Isles, Being an accompaniment to a set of models of the improved Breeds of Cattle. In 1800 fields were ploughed by oxen, tallow production was a major industry, hides were used by the leather industry and the increasing urban population wanted milk and meat for their tables. It was an important time for improving livestock and founding commercially successful breeds. It was also a time when the tradition for romanticized, stylized portraits of animals and rural life prevailed as owners and breeders commissioned paintings and etchings of the prize animals which were fattened to great weights and toured around the country. Today, those early breeds are either extinct or changed beyond recognition. As few farmers would have been literate, animal portraiture served to demonstrate and to advertise the advantages of some breeds over others.

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