Karl Blossfeldt Botanical

Price: $155.00

FROM   Urformen der kunst

CONDITION    Original Photogravure.  Sheet size:  12.25 x 9 5/8 inches. 

DATE 1928-29


Karl Blossfeldt was a photographer, sculptor, professor of art and artist working in Germany at the turn of the century. Blossfeldt was deeply interested in form and textures from nature, especially at scales not often noticed by the eye.  His entire photographic output of thirty years was devoted to close up shots of minute plant parts.  He meticulously arranged twigs, buds, pods, and tendrils against neutral white or grey backgrounds in northern light.  He photographed them with a homemade camera which magnified them up to twenty seven times life size.  The original purpose for the photographs was to instruct his art students on the design elements found in nature.  The resulting images reveal surprising and elegant forms, some architectural, some biomorphic.  The publication of Urformen der Kunst by photogravure was a way to share this remarkable body of work with artists, designers and architects. 


Suggested Framing: ebonized walnut, 8ply rag mat, conservation glass - Additional $210